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Rich Slim

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 Reduce body fat helps keep fat off & prevent regain safety & effective  

Price : 70 USD

 Discusstion: Rich Slim is the best choice for keeping weight loss. Tt's made from many kind of pure natural herbs. Rich Slim has best quality and no side effect. It is supported to reduce body fat cells and increasing muscle retention.


Directions: take 02 capsules.day, 01 capsule before breakfast and 01 capsule before lunch with full cup of water ( 8 OZ).


Caution: Not use for pregnant/lactating women, people with psychosis or drug addiction, medicine or alcohol; people with hyperthyrodism, insufficiency of liver or kidney.


Other ingredients: Green tea extract, rosehips extract, glycerin, colored with caramel, vegetable, stearate.


Please read carefully before using.

Store in cool, Dry place

Keep out of reach of children.

It an be used for both men and women 

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