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Excellent Hair Growth- 30 Capsules

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Price : 75 USD

 The product is made of natural herbs by applying modem technique. It is proven after functional test that the product features the functions of invigorating air and blood, reinforcing the essence, soothing the liver, regulating air, promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, preventing hair loss, promoting  hair growth and regularize internal secretion, and can effectively balance scalp oil secretion, timely replenish nutrition into hair root for preventing hair loss. 

Funtion: Adjust immunity
Availabillty: Alopecia sebormeica soft and slim hair, coarse hair, split, and dull hair, itch scalp, dandruff, oily scalp, alopecia and alopecia universalis, etc.
Unavailabillity: Pregnant women and users with heart and kindney diseases shall be cautious for use.
usage and dosage: take 1 capsule daily with water. For best results, take regularly for 2 to 3 months.
Storage: store in cool, dry place

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Excellent Hair Growth- gel

Price: 75 USD

 Excellent Hair Growth is formulated with active ingredients of purely natural herbs under high technical bioengineering.